Dental Crowns and Bridges in Portland OR

Our teeth have a tough job to do. Exposure to accidents, teeth grinding, and oral disease can all cause damage to natural teeth. In our Portland dental office, we offer both crowns and bridges to restore the function and appearance of broken or missing teeth.

Woman at Dentist | Portland OR DentistDental Crowns Repair Broken Teeth

When patients break a tooth, or it sustains deep decay, the enamel is no longer sufficient to protect the tooth and nerve. A dental crown, often referred to as a cap, completely encases the tooth structure, restoring the comfort and function of the tooth.

We offer natural-looking tooth-colored crowns in our Portland, OR dental office. Made of durable porcelain, dental crowns are similar in strength to your natural enamel.

As with all of the dentistry we provide, our dentists, Dr. Clark Brinton and Dr. Paul E. Ortiz, prioritize patient comfort and will completely numb the tooth before we begin. 

After removing any damaged tooth structure and reshaping the tooth, your dentist will take an impression to determine the size and shape of your custom dental crown. After matching the shading and color of the surrounding teeth, we will use a local dental laboratory with experienced technicians to create a permanent crown just for you. In the meantime, we will protect the tooth with a temporary crown.

Once your final crown is ready, your dentist will permanently bond it to your tooth and make any small adjustments to its fit.

Taking excellent care of your teeth with regular home hygiene and professional dental cleanings will add to the longevity and health of your dentistry.

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Dental Bridges Close the Gap in Your Smile

Big Smile | Portland OR CrownsPatients who have missing teeth face a number of oral health challenges. A gap in the smile allows the surrounding teeth to shift and can have a negative impact on the bite and alignment of teeth.

Replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible is best. For patients who want an alternative to dental implant treatment, we offer beautiful and durable dental bridges in our Portland dental office.

Dental bridges require one or two crowns on healthy, adjacent teeth. These crowns have small attachments to hold an artificial tooth in place. Dental bridges are made out of a single piece of porcelain and require some special care to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Impeccable home hygiene and cleaning around the bridge unit will prevent gum disease and help you get the most out of your dental bridge.

It’s also a good idea to avoid excessively hard or sticky foods, which can damage your dentistry (and your teeth)!

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