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Dr. Clark Brinton and Dr. Seth Huish


Office Administrator/ Treatment Coordinator

Abby was born in Utah, yet spent most of her formative years in Europe before moving back to the US to attend college at Brigham Young University. Abby graduated with a focus in Human Development and began working as a Treatment Coordinator with Roots Dental in 2018. While in college, Abby volunteered as a missionary for her church in Tucson, Arizona, and fell in love with the heat, culture, and food during her experience.

When Abby is not working, she enjoys cooking and running, and loves spending time with her family and friends. Abby is also very proud of the fact that she has won a pancake eating contest in the past - great job, Abby!


"Finish the Sentence" with Abby

If I was stuck on an island for a year and could only listen to 3 musicians, they would be... Queen, Whitney Houston, and Ben Rector.

If I could have dinner with one person, dead or alive it would be... Robin Williams.

If I had a one-way ticket to anywhere in the world I would go... somewhere tropical where I could sit on the beach and eat fresh fruit all day.

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